Showcase #1

Калоян Илиев- Koкимото


Калоян Илиев – Кокимото е първят от поредицата съвременни артисти,които Octopus Industries ще представя в рамките на събитията Showcase.

Работите на Калоян Илиев – Кокимото включват колажи, графични техники и рисунка. Те са вълнуващи, млaди и силни и хранят въображението ни с точната пропорция от артистични витамини, от които така имаме нужда.

Octopus Industries


Кaлоян Илиев -Kokimoto

15.12. 08 -30.01.09






Born: 1979 in Varna, Bulgaria. Lives and works in Varna

Professional Activities:

2008 Founding Member of the Menzo Art Group

Solo Exhibitions:

2008 “System Error” Exhibition Engraving, FOF Gallery, Varna, Bulgaria

Exhibition Ex Libris, Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Lodz, Poland

2007 “Kokimoto in the Insane Land” Exhibition Collage, Comics Club, Perde Association, Varna, Bulgaria

2006 “Permanent Drawings”, Museum Yanaki Manasiev, Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria


2008 Award for young Artist, National Exhibition of Small Graphic Forms, SIBANK Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria

Grand Prix, 4th International Biennial of Mini Prints, Tetovo, Republic of Macedonia

Silver Medal and Merit Diploma, 2nd Remo Palmirani’s Prize,

Museo Ex Libris Mediterraneo, Ortona, Italy

2007 Honour Prize, VII International Ex Libris Competition Gliwice, Poland

1st Award for Engraving, Bulgaria Part of the European Puzzle,

National Campaign of Meglena Kuneva, Sofia, Bulgaria

2006 2nd Award for Drawing, Fine Arts International Contest

Antonio Gualda Composer, Granada, Spain

2nd Award for Painting, Fine Arts International Contest

Antonio Gualda Composer, Granada, Spain

2005 1st Award for Engraving, Annual Exhibition University of Veliko Turnovo

Повече информация за Кокимото = page Artists

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